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to our Language Barn with bistro! 

Tell us your wishes. We take care of the whole professional technical part, colours, style, setting your corporate identity and corporate design. The audience, the stage and lights are yours!


Chivalrous universe, dragons, frog king, jukebox, golf clubs, eat in a former factory or with points & stars or visit the storks?

A  stone's    throw    away    from    headlights,    the    language    barn   stage   with   our   bistro   awaits   you: Culture,  mythical creatures,   tales,  culinary delights, golf, music  - our splendid world of languages S5 and S15 every quarter hour from Zurich main station: Bubikon railway station  with  Park & Ride 50 m away.

What we do for you

your event

Streaming on site & remote

VoiceOver & Subtitles

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