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“The Birth of the Butterfly”

Have you ever experienced something extrasensory in your life? Something which you could not explain, but you could FEEL.

When we met up for the first time with Katia Gallego and her book “the Birth of the Butterfly” - we could immediately feel a connection and a powerful message it brings to the world. A message about transformation, about connection with the Earth, and the natural harmony it brings.

And we decided to support the “Birth of the Butterfly” project and to contribute to the spread of its message around the world.

Here is how the author describes her project: “The Birth of the Butterfly" is a book with a new concept. It stimulates the Consciousness of each individual, accelerating the action of the Transformation of each individual, synchronised with that of the Earth in the coherence of evolutionary Harmony. The book is based on a frequency text energised by words, sounds and scriptures in 28 Earth languages.

The various languages are the expression of different codes. The book contains the list of codes, their meaning and modes of action. Their simultaneous reading and listening, even without understanding the language itself, activate and orientate the direction of visual and sound energy movements. And to be watched, read, listened to in order to experience individual Transformation synchronised with that of the Earth. "And simple, says Consciousness - Accept to be a Butterfly now, right now" And Peace is on Earth.”

We invite you to explore this beautiful journey by listening to the audio frequency in 28 languages here.

And to learn more about “The Birth of the Butterfly" book and about the author please visit:


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